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Name (JP) バイバット(Baibatto)
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CategoryRegular enemy, Large enemy
Steer clear of any Pricklebats too. Their spikes are savage, so do your best to avoid them while aiming for Buzzybat.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Pricklebat is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a relative of Buzzybat.

Physical Appearance

Pricklebat look like a red spike ball with small wings. It has a bat-like face, bat ears, and two fangs. Its eyes are blue with black pupils. The large variant has a lazier expression than the small variant does. It also has nostrils.


Kirby Mass Attack

Pricklebat appears exclusively in Stage 9 of Volcano Valley. After Buzzybat has been hurt once, he surrounds himself with a number of black bat relatives and one large Pricklebat. These bats slowly circle his body, protecting him from the Kirbys. As a large enemy, this particular Pricklebat takes up more room on the screen, and must be carefully avoided.

After taking a second hit from the Kirbys, Buzzybat surrounds himself with more black bats and three small Pricklebats; these foes do exactly what the others did. Buzzybat cycles them around himself at a rapid speed every few seconds, so the player must be cautious when trying to attack the mid-boss.

Pricklebat cannot be defeated and damages any Kirbys it comes in contact with, so the enemy must be avoided. It vanishes once a Kirby has grabbed hold of Buzzybat.


  • The spike balls that Birdee throws create the base for small Pricklebats. Small Pricklebats are simply these spike balls with ears, wings, and a face added on. They also have a red-orange color palette instead of the red-pink palette of the normal spike balls.
    • Big Pricklebats seem to have an original design, however.