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Pumping grand
Kirby Super Star screenshot
Pumpkin Grand
Name (JP) かぼちゃグランド
(Kabocha Gurando)
- Meaning Kabocha Grand
A place in
Gourmet Race
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
-Level 12
Common enemiesNone

Pumpkin Grand is the first level in Gourmet Race, a sub-game in Kirby Super Star and its remake. It is the first place where Kirby races against King Dedede to get to the finish and become the hungriest gourmet (In Grand Prix). It is the first of 3 stages in Gourmet Race, followed by Corn Hall and Onion Garden. It is the easiest and shortest of the three stages. It's music is the same as that of Onion Garden. A few obstacles are on this level, but they can be easily passed by simply pressing A to jump once instead of floating over the pools of water and sliding through the bottom of the blocks near the end. Otherwise, the stage is pretty short and consists mostly of little hills.

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