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KSSU Purple Plants
Kirby Super Star Ultra screenshot
Purple Plants
Name (JP) パープルプランツ (Pāpurupurantsu)
- Meaning from "Purple Plants"
A place in
Revenge of the King
Kirby Super Star Ultra
-Stage 12
ThemePoisoned swamp
BossesWhispy's Revenge
Common enemiesBio Spark, Croucars, Galbel, Gordo, Koozer, Noddy, Perot, Poison Mash, Rosely, Sword Knight, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo
Mid-bossesPhan Phan

Purple Plants is Revenge of the King's version of Spring Breeze's Green Greens. It comes before Illusion Islands.

Level Intro

Kirby sees a bright orange Flutter and happily chases it off-screen. All of a sudden, Kirby rolls back on screen as a swarm of Croucars and Koozers fly forward and push him back off-screen to the left where he came from.

This is nearly exactly the same intro as Green Greens', only Kirby is bombarded by bird-like foes rather than more Flutters.

General Information

Purple Plants is a more difficult version of Green Greens with stronger enemies, a different mini-boss, and a different boss. Some rooms follow the layout of the Kirby's Dream Land version of Green Greens, rather than Spring Breeze's interpretation of it. Phan Phan replaces Poppy Bros. Sr. as the mini-boss of the level. Purple Plants boarders a toxic mire and an expansive forest, each filled with purple, and likely poisonous, plants. It is infested with ravenous bird-like enemies like Koozer and Croucars, as well as a wide array of plant life such as Poison Mash and Rosely. Kirby must go through the inside of a large, rotted tree if he wishes to fight the level's boss- Whispy's Revenge.

Map Similarities to Kirby's Dream Land's Extra Game

  • The second area with the huge tree was added. The first area from Kirby's Dream Land's extra game was added after the second area.
  • There is no break after Kirby gets off the Warp Star; Phan Phan immediately ambushes Kirby after he gets off the Warp Star like Poppy Bros. Sr. did in Kirby's Dream Land.


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Theme - Green Greens
Theme in Kirby Mass Attack cutscene
KMA Logo2
Orchestration, as scored in SSBM - (KatAMSP)
KAtM logo
Music DStar
Theme in Kirby Air Ride
KAR logo
Theme in Kirby Super Star
Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land (Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack)
Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land
KDL logo
Green Greens is the first stage of the entire Kirby series, being the first stage of the first game, Kirby's Dream Land. It is also the first stage in the Spring Breeze remake of Kirby's Dream Land in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. Green Greens is an area of grassland around Whispy Woods Forest, where the iconic character Whispy Woods features as the first boss in the game. The music's motif itself is frequently recurring throughout many games, and is not limited to playing in the location of Green Greens, with various remixes including Crystal Field (KSSU). The theme came up again in Kirby Mass Attack, with a marching band version.


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