KEY Pyramid Sands
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Pyramid Sands
A place in
Kirby's Epic Yarn
8Stage 3/1 (9)10
WorldHot Land
ThemeSandy desert, pyramids
TreasuresFurniture: Camel Sofa, Cactus Juice; Pyramid Sands CD
Common enemiesBow Waddle Dee, Cyclod, Dandan, Parasol Waddle Dee, Rolling Clod, Sneak Sack, Spear Waddle Dee, Swadclod, Truck Monster, Waddle Dee
Special notesMetamortex: Off-Roader
This is one dangerous desert. Tread lightly over the quicksand and watch out for Swadclods guarding the ancient ruins - these guardians don't take kindly to treasure hunters! Fight your way through roaming whirlwinds to the Off-Roader Metamortex. Speed your way to the finish line in Pyramid Sands.
— Official guide

Pyramid Sands is the ninth stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn, and the first in Hot Land, the third level. It comes after Weird Woods of Grass Land and precedes Lava Landing.

As its name suggests, the stage is dominated by a sandy desert dotted with pyramids and the occasional whirlwind or dust devil as well as several patches of quicksand. Swadclod makes its first appearance in this stage. The Off-Roader metamortex also makes its first appearance in the stage.


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Kirby's Epic Yarn: Pyramid Sands
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