When the enemy draws, press the A Button! If you press it too soon, you get a penalty!
— Quick Draw's description • Kirby's Adventure

Quick Draw is a sub-game from the original Kirby's Adventure. Samurai Kirby is a similar game that appears in later games.

Kirby's Adventure

Quick Draw

Artwork for Kirby's Adventure.

Quick Draw is a cowboy-themed, reflex-based sub-game in which Kirby must shoot his opponents before they get the chance to shoot him. The player has to press the "A" button as quickly as possible when the word "Fire" appears on screen (though pressing the "A" button before the word "Fire" is displayed will cause him/her to get a strike). The characters here don't use real guns, but instead a boxing glove is launched from these guns that knocks the opponent out of the screen (though for Kirby, he just simply gets knocked unconscious and launched back a little), dropping their hats. As the opponents progress, Kirby must resort to bigger guns, a gag that would be remixed in Samurai Kirby.

Kirby's opponents are:

  1. A Waddle Doo
  2. A Starman
  3. A Blade Knight
  4. Bonkers
  5. King Dedede


  • The Japanese name for the sub-game is はやうちカービィ (Haya uchi kābī) meaning "Quick Draw Kirby". Haya uchi has the pronunciation of 早撃ち, which means quick shooting (of a gun).
  • This sub-game is very similar in concept to the 1984 NES game, Wild Gunman. The key difference is that the light gun is not used.
  • Quick Draw is also the English name of Samurai Kirby as it appears in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. For more information on that version of the sub-game, see the Samurai Kirby article.
  • Quick Draw has been replaced by Samurai Kirby in Kirby Super Star and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It has not been forgotten, however. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, one of the new sub-games is cowboy-themed and uses pistols. It is called Kirby on the Draw. Instead of shooting opponents, Kirby is supposed to shoot fake targets, and the gameplay is different but still relies on appropriate reaction.
Quick Draw Flash

The Flash version of Quick Draw

  • The Japanese Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land website features a Flash version of Quick Draw. It is a pixel-perfect recreation of the Game Boy Advance version, displayed on an image of a pink Game Boy Advance. The player plays by clicking the screen rather than pressing the A Button. The A Button on the Game Boy Advance can be clicked and even has an animation of the button being pressed, but doing this yields no effect.[1]


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