Rainbow Run

Rainbow Run is a mode in Kirby: Canvas Curse. It is essentially the main game, but with limits. In each stage, there are two modes: Time Trial and Line Trial.

Time Trial

Time Trial places the player in a predetermined part of the stage and he/she have to beat a time. If the time limit goes past the third set time, it will still go on until the player finishes that part of the stage or aborts the attempt.

Line Trial

Line Trial make a pot of rainbow line appear, which represents how much the player has left. This pot is separate from the normal rainbow line meter, and only works to measure the total volume of rainbow ink used. The player is still limited by the rainbow line bar, and if the measuring pot runs out of ink, he/she can still draw normally to finish the stage.


Depending on how well the player does on either on them, up to three medals can be awarded per mode, per stage. That makes six medals per stage if both modes are finished with the best possible result, eighteen medals per main level (three stages per level), giving a total of one hundred twenty-six possible medals which can be obtained in Rainbow Run.

A new special level replaces The World of Drawcia. The stages within give either Stone, Wheel, Missile or Balloon. The player has to unlock a stage via Medal Swap first, then has to select the relevant stage and pass it with the relevant Copy Ability. There are two different stages for each Copy Ability, so this final stage can award up to forty-eight medals.