KBB Replica sprite
Kirby's Block Ball sprite
Name (JP) レプリカ
- Meaning "Replica"
In Games
KBB logo
PropertiesSplits Kirby in two
The ball splits in two.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby's Block Ball

The Replica[1] is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Block Ball.

Physical Appearance

Replica resembles a white panel depicting two Kirby balls next to each other.


Kirby's Block Ball

The item is dropped only by Chuckie, making it the most uncommon item in Kirby's Block Ball. Replica is introduced in Poppy Bros. Sr.'s stage. Upon touching the item, Kirby will split into two. This effect will last until the room the item was collected in is complete, provided one of the Kirbys does not get KO'd. If left untouched for a few seconds upon being released by Chuckie, the item will disappear.



  1. Kirby's Block Ball instruction manual

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