Kirby Air Ride artwork
Rex Wheelie
Name (JP) レックスウィリー (Rekkusuu~irī)
IconKAR Mini RexWheelie
Stat outline
KAR Patch HPKAR Patch OffenseDown ChargeKAR Patch DefenseDown Turn
KAR Patch TopSpeedKAR Patch BoostKAR Patch WeightDown Glide
Top speed31.36 mph
HP210 / 840*
AvailabilityAir Ride (must be unlocked), City Trial
Course Unlocked atAny
How to UnlockDefeat 100 or more enemies with exhaled stars
A sturdy ride if you can handle the speed.
— Rex Wheelie's Flavor Text • Kirby Air Ride

The Rex Wheelie is an Air Ride Machine that appears in Kirby Air Ride.

The Rex Wheelie is much larger than a regular Wheelie Bike, with a more aggressive fascia, which resembles the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Its name references the Latin word "rex", which means "king".

Complimenting its large frame are well-above average offense, defense, weight, and top speed stats (it is faster than the Swerve Star, and has the third highest non-legendary top speed in the game), but poor handling, acceleration (the second worst, after the Formula Star's), charging speed, and jump. Given this, it is well-suited for use in the Destruction Derby and Kirby Melee events in City Trial mode, but requires patience for good results in races. It is unlocked by defeating 100 enemies with exhaled stars.