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KA Rolling Turtle
Kirby's Adventure artwork
Rolling Turtle
Name (JP) ローリングタートル (Rōringutātoru)
In Games
KA logo
Copy AbilityThrow
Points Given2000

Rolling Turtle is a mid-boss in Kirby's Adventure that gives the Throw ability when inhaled. Rolling Turtle provides more of challenge than most mid-bosses. Its attacks include jumping, rolling into Kirby, and throwing red baby turtles. When it grabs Kirby, it either spins then throws Kirby against the wall or jumps and lands on Kirby. If it rolls into Kirby, it will grab him and throw him across the screen.

In Kirby's Adventure's remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Rolling Turtle was replaced with Phan Phan for unknown reasons.

Physical Appearance

Rolling Turtle is a turtle with boxing-like gloves, and a shell that rises above its body. For whatever reason, Rolling Turtle has teeth that resemble a beaver's teeth. Although he is green in most of the levels he is seen in, a red variation appears in the hidden Mid-Boss All-Stars in Rainbow Resort of Kirby's Adventure. The red version is very aggressive and harder to defeat.


  • Rolling Turtle, Capsule J, Togezo, and Bounder are currently the only enemies to have been replaced by other enemies in their game's remake. Additionally, Rolling Turtle is the only mid-boss among the enemies have been replaced.


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