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Roly-Poly KatAM
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror artwork
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Copy abilityNone
CategoryRegular enemy

Roly-Poly (Kororon in Japan) is a Kirby series enemy found only in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. A native creature of the Mirror World, Roly-Polys will wait on a hill until Kirby comes near, then will roll through the hill attempting to hit Kirby. Roly-Poly doesn't give any copy abilities when inhaled. Sometimes (usually at random), Roly-Poly will jump high in the air, attempting to land on Kirby. They can be found almost anywhere, from Rainbow Route to Candy Constellation. They are most common in Peppermint Palace.

Physical Appearance

It resembles a sky blue-colored ball with small black eyes, dark blue-colored Kirby-like feet, and a cat-like mouth. Roly-Polys embody the playful nature of infant seals, which usually like to roll around on ice.



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