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Sailor Waddle Dee
Name (JP) ワドルディ (船員)
Wadorudi (sen'in)
Sen'in Wadorudi
- Meaning 「船員」 is Japanese for "sailor"
In Games
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First appearanceKirby Super Star (1996)
Latest appearanceTeam Kirby Clash Deluxe (2017)
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(Heart races...)
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Revenge of Meta Knight, Kirby Super Star Ultra

Sailor Waddle Dee (sometimes nicknamed Sailor Dee) is the Waddle Dee member of the Meta-Knights, who dutifully serves under Meta Knight during the events of Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Curiously, he originally received no name in the game, but an official Japanese guide book gives him a name that translates to "Waddle Dee (sailor)."[1] In Kirby: Planet Robobot, he was finally given the full name "Sailor Waddle Dee" in his sticker.

Physical Appearance

Sailor Waddle Dee looks just like any other member of his species, with the only difference being the blue-and-white sailor cap he wears on his head.


Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra


Sailor Waddle Dee.

Little is known about Sailor Waddle Dee, except that he serves under the command of Meta Knight. Sailor Waddle Dee appears on the battleship Halberd, getting the instructions from Captain Vul to start its engines. Sailor Waddle Dee panics when Kirby comes and invades destroying most of the crew members until fighting the Heavy Lobster.

During a conversation, Sailor Waddle Dee later accidentally reveals that the only way to destroy the Halberd's Reactor is to fool the laser into hitting its crystalline core. The last time he is seen is before Kirby faces Meta Knight. He is very loyal to his superiors, even choosing to stay with them when the ship is going down.

He makes a cameo in the Meta Knightmare Ultra credits, along with Captain Vul, Meta Knight, and Axe Knight in the interior of the Halberd.

Kirby Mass Attack

Sailor Waddle Dee makes a brief appearance in Kirby Mass Attack, appearing alongside Bandana Waddle Dee during the boss battle with Meta Knight in the sub-game Strato Patrol EOS.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

Sailor Waddle Dee appears in the background of the village after Team Kirby defeats Whispy Woods. He is seen chasing a butterfly.


So long as a reflected laser doesn't hit the reactor, it will be invincible.
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra
Oh no! Oh no! What do we do?!
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra
Kirby is currently fighting Heavy Lobster!
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra
I wonder...
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra
You don't think he'd...
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra
Is he lost or something?
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra
And it's cold.
— Sailor Waddle Dee • Kirby Super Star Ultra


  • Sailor Waddle Dee's fate is at first unknown after the Halberd crashes into the Secret Sea, but Kirby Mass Attack reveals that he is alive and well.
  • Sailor Waddle Dee is the only known Waddle Dee that serves Meta Knight, besides the on-board enemies.
  • He and Bandana Waddle Dee are the only Waddle Dees shown to speak, unlike the rest of their species. It is unknown if they are the only Waddle Dees that can talk, though Yarn Waddle Dees have also demonstrated the capability to do so. However, they are not true Waddle Dees.
  • He appears in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe after beating the second ordeal, Whispy Woods.
  • Sailor Dee makes a cameo in Kirby Battle Royale, appearing as an alternate costume for Waddle Dee.




  1. Official Guide Book Nintendo Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe Star" p.214 Shogakukan - cite from ワドルディ (船員)

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