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Episode(#J43 / #E40)
Name (JP) ヒツジたちの反逆
- Meaning The Sheep's Rebellion
Air Date (NA)April 5, 2003
Air Date (JP)August 3, 2002
Copy AbilityNeedle
Demon BeastAmon

Sheepwrecked is the 43rd episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


A sheep by the name of Amon is turning the timid sheep of Dreamland into rebelious wolf-like sheep out for revenge on Cappy Town.

Full episode summary

KSSU Kirby run
Spoiler alert: The following section contains plot-specific details.(Skip Section)

The sheep attack Kirby


Amon's thick wool is resistant to Needle

The episode starts out with Tiff reading  The Boy who Cried Wolf  to a group of kids. However, the children seemed more concerned with who the villain was. The children leave as Tiff sighs and sees Kirby walking her way. All of a sudden, one of the sheep attacks Kirby, sending him flying. Tiff complains to the Chief Bookem about it, but all the sheep are identical, making it impossible to find the culprit. Later, Kirby herds a small group of sheep and is attacked by all of them. Tiff, now even more worried, alerts the whole village. Naturally, the sheep look harmless, so none of the citizens believe her. Dedede and Escargoon, seeing this from the castle, use the Channel DDD to further prove that Tiff is lying, with Escargoon drawing a parrallel between her and The Boy who Cried Wolf. Tiff has had enough and goes out to solve this herself, inspecting each sheep one by one. But in the middle of her examination, the Shepard comes and blows the Horn, which brings all the sheep to him, ruining Tiff's count. As the camera pans over the herd of sheep, one of them stands out, having an angry and intimidating expression. The camera turn away and the sheep's expressions all change to angry, and they suddenly charge at the Shepard. He escapes and is convinced of the sheep attacks, but the mayor comes and just misses the sheep and isn't convinced about this even after The Shepard tells his story, and is fired from his job since he couldn't herd the sheep. Elsewhere, the big-eyed sheep who names himself Amon leads the rebel sheep, who have had enough of the slaughter of his people and then leads the rebel through Cappy Town, causing chaos throughout the town. After that, Amon sets his sights on Dedede's Castle where everyone is hiding. Amon and the flock then charge to the Castle. Meanwhile, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby are racing to the Castle as with the whole herd of sheep right behind them. Everyone else races into the castle and raises up the bridge, but the sheep make a bridge to the drawbridge and are able to get in the castle, and they chase everyone into a corner. Once there, Amon brings himself to everyone in Cappy Town and announces that the sheep have become Wolfs and everyone else are now sheep, and commands the Cappy's to talk like sheep bah (or mehin the Japan dub). Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby, who are still being chased by other sheep, are finally cornered now and questions why everyone's acting like Sheep, then questions Amon why is he doing this. Amon says that long ago, Dedede wanted to eat him and was taken away from the other sheep. He escapes, and runs away from his home. After that, he stops being a sheep and becomes a lone wolf, and then returns to save his other sheep brethren. Dedede appears, and says he is heartwarmed by his story and wants to become his ally. Amon allows this but he too must act like a sheep too. Dedede obeys to this but Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby refuse, so one of the sheeps attack Kirby. Again, Amon demands them to act like sheep under penalty of death. Kirby refuses and then Amon shows his Demon form and attacks Kirby head on with his horns. Dedede, who is watching says that no matter who wins, he'll benefit. (if Amon wins, he will be rid of Kirby, and if Kirby wins, he will eat sheep for dinner) But Amon charges at Kirby, who dodges the attack, and Amon breaks in the door Kirby was standing in front of, seeing Dedede's Minion about to slaughter his brethren. Amon angrily charges at Dedede and Escargoon and sends them flying out of the Castle. Amon then assumes his attack on Kirby by sending his horns out at him again, but Kirby inhales them and becomes Needle Kirby. Needle Kirby attacks, but Amon is immune, and he charges at Kirby again, but before he gets there Tiff blows the shepherd's whistle and the other sheep return to being sheep. Amon finally see Sheep enjoy being Sheep, so he stops his attack on Kirby and then continues on his freedom being a wolf.

End of spoilers


  • It's possible that this episode is based after the Takashi Yanase storybook and anime Chirin no Suzu, also known as Chirin's Bell or Ringing Bell. In the book and movie, a lamb is trained by a wolf in order to become a wolf himself. Amon's monster form is also similar to Chirin when he grows older into a ram.
  • The Japanese title of this episode is also a reference to 'Silence of the Lambs' (羊たちの沈黙).
  • In the original, Amon says to Kirby, '泣か なら、泣かせてみ 、星の戦士' or 'If you will not cry out, I will make you cry out, Star Warrior'. This is a reference to a famous haiku   '鳴かぬなら、鳴かせてみよう、ホトトギ or 'If you will not sing, I will make you sing, cuckoo bird' which is often attributed to Toyotomi_Hideyoshi to illustrate his leadership style.
  • The beginning of the episode draws parallels between Tiff and The Boy who Cried Wolf, the story read at the beginning of the episode.

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