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Shooty is an enemy that appears in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and is exclusive to the Mirror World. They are the underlings of Bombar. They are juvenile creatures that are blue and red in color. They appear in groups just a few rooms away from Bombar, patrolling the skies. They can fire small pink laser beams from their mouth. They behave like Soarars and they shoot the same projectiles as them, but the only difference is that they aim for Kirby while Soarars just shoot randomly. They may occasionally drop bombs if Kirby is below one. Even though Shooty is a missile, it is unknown why he does not give the Missile ability when inhaled.

In Peppermint Palace, where the area with Laser Ball and UFO are, Shooty will follow Kirby and try to shoot Lasers once he is in sight.

Their name, of course, comes from their tendency to shoot out lasers at Kirby.


  • Shootys are always seen around areas that Bombar patrols. The exception to this is in Olive Ocean, where they fly around despite there being no Bombar in the entire level.
  • Although Bombar is primarily green and orange, Shootys are red and blue. Perhaps coincidentally, these are complementary colors of each other.
  • Shootys are more dangerous underwater due to the fact that they behave the same as they do in the air, putting Kirby (whose speed decreases underwater) at a slight disadvantage.



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