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Single Race is a type of Stadium Arena in the City Trial mode of Kirby Air Ride. It is a single-lap run on any of the Air Ride courses that are available, 8 at the start, 9 after Nebula Belt has been unlocked.


Air Ride mode, with souped-up machines and damage on. Survive the lap and finish first.


Primary Statistics

Depends on track, but generally:

Secondary Statistics

Any that increases survivability

  • KAR Patch HP HP
  • KAR Patch Defense Defense
  • KAR Patch Offense Offense (least important, unless going for KO-victory)

As with Air Ride, speed matters more than anything. The actual how-to run the course as fast as possible changes considerably, as a properly tuned machine can glide for very long distances, and have different turning, charge, and boost attributes than normal.

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