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Smash Ride
Kirby: Squeak Squad screenshot
Smash Ride
Name (JP) スマッシュライド (Sumasshuraido)
- Meaning from "Smash Ride"

Smash Ride is a sub-game in Kirby: Squeak Squad.


In Smash Ride, Kirby, Spinni, and her Squeakers ride on Warp Stars on top of a round arena. The objective of the game is to charge up a "Smash Attack", so Kirby can launch his enemies off the arena and earn one point. However, if Kirby gets knocked off by his enemies, they gain one point. If Kirby, Spinni, or the Squeakers fall off by themselves, the points remain unchanged. The game lasts for 60 seconds. The points are calculated at the end of the game, and the team with the most points wins.

The game is controlled with the touch screen. The player slides in the direction he wants Kirby to go. Smash attacks are used by holding one's finger (or more preferably, their stylus) on the touch screen for a while, and thus charging the attack, and then slide it in the enemies' direction.


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