This snapper lives in tight spaces. It can stretch like you wouldn't believe!
— Snip-Snap's Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Snip-Snaps are enemies appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. They only appear in the Cool Cave, Splash Beach, and Tube Town levels.


Snip-Snaps appear as long, yellow, extendable cords with a yellow claw at the end. On top of the claw is a red button.


Snip-Snaps only attack Kirby and Prince Fluff is they pass over its territory, which always appear as a small, shallow hole in narrow tunnels. If the Snip-Snap grabs one of them while in their Snake form, they will be dragged back to their starting point and lose beads. If they come in contact with a Snip-Snap outside of Snake form, they will be knocked back and lose beads. In Tube Town, if a Snip-Snap is led to an outlet, it will transform into a plug and either moves or changes the yarn platforms that look like cathode ray traces. Whether plugged into an outlet or not, a Snip-Snap can be unraveled by using the yarn whip on its button, but if the player passes by the same territory again a new one will come out.