Speed Eaters
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror screenshot
Speed Eaters
Name (JP) 刹那のつまみぐい (Setsuna no tsumami gui)
- Meaning means "Instant Food Snatch"

Speed Eaters is a sub-game from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


Four Kirbys are at a table. The table has a dish with a metallic lid on it. Occasionally, the dish is uncovered to reveal four apples or bombs. By pressing A, Kirby inhales the apples or bombs. Each apple gives the Kirby who inhaled and ate it 1 point, while any amount of bombs make the Kirby who inhaled it have to sit out for the next round. Whoever gets 8 points first wins. If more than one Kirby presses A quickly, the four apples or bombs will be split between the Kirbys.


  • The picture in the background consists of two mountains with two clouds above them. This may be a snapshot of Mustard Mountain.
  • In Kirby: Squeak Squad, a sub-game known as Speedy Teatime appears. It is basically the same game - but with added touch controls, and with the number of competitors varying, depending on the number of human players that are playing.


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