Speedy Teatime
Kirby: Squeak Squad screenshot
Speedy Teatime
Name (JP) 刹那のティータイム (Setsuna no tītaimu)
- Meaning means "Instant Teatime"

Speedy Teatime is a sub-game from Kirby: Squeak Squad.


In Speedy Teatime, Kirby has to eat more cake than Storo. A plate with a lid appears on screen and when the lid is removed the player has to tap the cakes before Storo does. Small cakes are worth one point and big ones are worth two points. First to eight points win. Sometimes bombs on cakes appear and if these are tapped the player (or Storo) will sit out of the following round. Also, tapping before the lid is removed prevents the player from eating any cake that round.


  • This game is technically the same as Speed Eaters, a sub-game in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, except with varying players and touch controls.
  • If the player eats all the cake and fills up their bar without Storo eating a single cake, Storo will slam his fists on the table and open his mouth wide in rage.