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Exploding Gordo
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards screenshot
Spike Bomb
In Games
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Mix ofNeedle + Bomb
AppearanceResembles a Gordo
Ability IconNeedle icon64 Bomb icon64
Pair a Needle with a Bomb to make Kirby explode with spiky shrapnel. Use the Control Pad to position the floating explosive.[1]
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #134)

Spike Bomb[2] is a combination ability used in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, made by mixing the Needle and Bomb abilities. Taking the form of a Gordo, Kirby gains temporary hovering and invincibility for a short time. As he moves, his spikes "wobble" like those of Captain Stitch. After the duration ends, upon coming into contact with enemies, or if the B button is pressed again, Kirby explodes, sending spikes in every direction. This attack method is similar to Captain Stitch's attack, which involves him launching his spikes at Kirby in a bunch.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element
Transform B Kirby turns into what looks like a Gordo, a common enemy in Kirby games. While in this state, Kirby can float in any direction, but not walk or jump. He is also invincible. After a short amount of time or when B is pressed again, Kirby explodes and launches his spikes away. None

Related Quotes

Kirby turns into a spiked mine that looks like the Gordo enemies found in the game.
— Description • Official Strategy guide
Kirby becomes an exploding ball of spikes.
— Description • Official Strategy guide


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