Kirbycolors This article is about the character named Iroo in the original Japanese version of the anime. He is not to be confused with Hohhe, the character similarly named Iro in the dub.
HnK Iroo
Name (JP) イロー (Irō)
First AppearanceA Blockbuster Battle
Last AppearanceKirby 3D
AffiliationCappy, Honey
English VoiceAmy Birnbaum
Japanese VoiceChiro Kanzaki

One of the trio of Tuff's friends, Spikehead is the pushiest of the three and the most outspoken. He has a big crush on Honey. He is also friends with Tiff and Kirby.

He often plays with Tuff, Iro and Honey and occasionally with Kirby and Tiff. In his earlier appearances, he acted a little bit like a bully around Kirby but then later got along with him.

Physical Appearance 

Spikehead is a Cappy, around the same size as the other kids. He has a headband making his hair form a spike.


  • In the dub of the anime, he is voiced by Amy Birnbaum, who also voiced Max in Pokémon and Charmy Bee in Sonic X, both of which were also dubbed by 4Kids.
  • His Japanese name comes from the beginning of いろは歌 (いろはにほへと…, This "いろ" originally means color, but in this sentence, it means flower blooming), it's like Alphabet song. Also, Honey comes from いろはにほへと…, Iro comes from いろはにほへと….
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