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... because it was never named outside of its respective game's files.
KRtDL Statue 2
Kirby's Return to Dream Land screenshot
Name (JP) モアイブロック(moai burokku)
- Meaning Moai Block
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone
CategoryLarge enemy

Statue[1] is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They cannot be inhaled.

Physical Appearance

Statue is a cube made completely out of stone. It has two empty eyeholes, a nose, and a mouth carved into its face. It has a stripe and a flashing star pattern on its side. Statues come in two colors: beige and red. Some Statues are supported by small pillars; others by star-patterned blocks.

Statue bears a strong resemblance to Kabu and Thudd.


Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Statues only appear in Stages 2 and 4 of Raisin Ruins. Beige Statues cannot attack Kirby and merely act as obstacles. Red Statues periodically spit jets of flame. The hero should time his movements correctly if he wants to get by unharmed.

Statues are immune to all Copy Abilities except one: the Flare Beam Super Ability. This ability can destroy Statues instantly. One block of stone facing the wrong way toward the end of the stage hides a portal to Another Dimension, and Kirby must destroy the stone to reach it.



  1. Kirby's Return to Dream Land model file name

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