Steppenwolf is a character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya. He is a legend among bikers according to Gus when he revealed that he had been part of Fang's motorcycle gang when he was younger. Steppenwolf asserts that being a biker isn't about breaking laws and being a vandal- it's about freedom. He hadn't been seen in years at the time.

Later, Fang, Rip, and Turbo roared into Cappy Town looking for Steppenwolf, who eventually went back in business during the village's second race. He entered the race to help the others best Fang in the race. After easily besting Fang again, Steppenwolf left the Dedede speedway, where the second race was held. Later, as the speedway crumbled burying Wheelie in the rubble, Kirby and his friends found out in surprise that Steppenwolf was Melman (which could have been seen due to the remarkably similar look on the two of them).

Steppenwolf is voiced by Nobuo Tobita in Japanese, the same seiyuu as Melman.

Physical Appearance

Steppenwolf is simply Melman himself, garbed in a Gothic gray T-shirt with a heart on it and wearing a light brown vest over it, as well as a belt. He wears a green bandana and a brown helmet over it, and wears sunglasses. He rides on a red motorcycle.