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KMA BBigfish
Kirby Mass Attack Artwork
Name (JP) スティックル (Stickle)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given300
CategoryRegular enemy

Stickle is an enemy in Kirby Mass Attack.


Stickle is a large fish outwardly similar to Blipper's proportions, but appears to be wearing a teal suit of spiky metal armor.


Stickle first appears in the 7th stage in Dedede Resort. It extracts its pointy spikes while swimming underwater, making it almost completely invulnerable to the Kirbys' attacks. If the Kirbys touch Stickle in this phase, they'll take damage. However, if taken out of the water, they will retract their spikes and flop around, making them vulnerable and able to be defeated. There is also a medium and large-sized variant of this enemy.


Stickle's name comes from the word stick, which refers to a pointy object "sticking," or poking someone.


  • A magenta variation of Stickle can be found in Kirby Mass Attack's code. Its sprites suggest that it would have attacked by leaping out of the water at the Kirbys. A magenta Stickle does appear in the Japanese version's enemy credits, where the enemy demonstrates its jumping ability.[1][2]




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