KRtDL Stomper Boot
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Stomper Boot
Name (JP) ふんづけシューズ(Funduke Syûzu)
- Meaning ふんづけ(踏んづけ) means to tread on, シューズ means shoes.
In Games
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TypeMountable item
PropertiesDeals damage, destroys Durable Blocks, provides immunity to damage from below
Grab a Stomper Boot and squash enemies with its sharp spikes.
— Official European Kirby's Return to Dream Land website

The Stomper Boot[1] is an item in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

It is the only power-up in Kirby's Return to Dream Land that can be controlled, although all the player controls is whether to jump or not. Its user is immune to damage from below thanks to the boot's spikes, so he can traverse fire blocks, Spikes, and lines of Gordos. Kirby can also duck inside the boot, but this leaves him immobile.

The Stomper Boot can only jump so high - to reach higher, it is often necessary to use enemies at platforms, much like the Spin Boarder in Kirby's Epic Yarn would. The character cannot float or fly when using it; bottomless pits are rather common in the areas where the Stomper Boot is obtained, so the player must watch out for these hazards.

It is featured in the Item Challenge.

Physical Appearance

It is a large and blue spiked boot. It has a yellow star on each side that will flash red when the item's time is almost used up.


  • An unused enemy in Kirby Mass Attack (nicknamed "Hoppin") seems to be based on a similar concept to that of the Stomper Boot.[2]
  • The Stomper Boot's use is similar to the Super Mario Bros. 3 item, Goomba's Shoe. The game Super Mario Maker takes note of this; when Costume Mario mounts a Goomba's Shoe while wearing a Kirby costume, he rides it in the same fashion as Kirby.[3]


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