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KMA Stone Thrower sprite
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Stone Thrower
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Points Given300

Stone Thrower is an uncommon enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. It only appears in Stage 2 of Volcano Valley.


Stone Thrower is a reddish stone creature. Its hue resembles terra cotta, and it has a craggy body. A mouth is carved into it with six rectangular teeth, and its eyes are black with white pupils. The creature sits atop a small metal base and has a mechanical arm. The "hand" on the arm is a purple crescent.


Stone Thrower is a simple enemy; instead of moving about, it stays in one spot. It attacks the Kirbys' tank by hurling boulders at it. Stone Thrower has to charge up before tossing a rock, which gives the player some time to destroy it. When it's done throwing the rock, it creates another and waits a second or two for the first one to hit.

The boulders launch in a wide arc and move slowly through the air, so the player can fire Kirbys at it. When Stone Thrower is hit with a flying Kirby, its body will begin cracking. After three hits, the enemy is defeated.


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