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For the similar ability in Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, see Backdrop.

Copy Ability
Kirby Super Star Ultra artwork
Name (JP) スープレックス (Sūpurekkusu)
In Games
KSSU logo

Super Smash Bros. Series (grab/throw)
AppearanceA blue ribbon and slightly darker skin.
Other PowersPro wrestling skills.
Ability IconSuplexIconKSSU
Regular enemiesNone
Bugzzy (
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Phan Phan (
KSSU logo
This burns with fighting spirit! Grab foes and throw 'em! Learn all 8 throws to be a champ!
— Suplex's Flavor text • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Suplex is a Copy Ability of Kirby's that has appeared only in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra.

General Information

Suplex Kirby looks like Throw Kirby with darker skin, but attacks similarly to Backdrop Kirby.

Suplex is one of the hardest abilities to obtain, as it cannot be found by inhaling a common enemy, but only from certain mid-bosses. It is only obtained from Bugzzy, Jukid, or occasionally Phan Phan. Bugzzy is the helper of Suplex. The attacks feature Kirby dashing forward and grabbing any enemy he bumps into, and delivering a massive blow to it. Also, any objects in the way of any throw from the Suplex ability will instantly be destroyed or damaged. Kirby is invincible once a target is grabbed and will retain this state until the internal timer runs out, in which Kirby will automatically do the rising-break throw (B throw).

Almost all of Suplex's moves are grabs and can only be performed to an enemy, certain boss projectiles, stars, and a defeated mid-boss, but not to bosses. Pinpoint Kick is actually Suplex's only move that isn't a grab, making it moderately effective against bosses and mid-bosses while Kirby waits for a projectile to be thrown. Kirby's path when throwing anything becomes a hitbox against bosses, allowing the player to direct Kirby's attack.

Move Set

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Dash Grab B/Y

Kirby dashes forward and grabs an enemy or mid-boss (when defeated). If B/Y is pressed while dashing Kirby will move faster. There are eight different throws Kirby can make, two of which are only viable airborne. Most thrown objects will fly in a short, damaging, trajectory.

  • Torrent Lariat: If B/Y is pressed after a grab Kirby does a rising break on an enemy or defeated mid-boss, sending them flying.
  • Body Slam: If down is pressed after a grab, Kirby immediately slams his target into the ground.
  • Pile Driver: If forward is pressed Kirby leaps forward and smashes the target into the ground.
  • Jumping Body Slam/Rock Drop: If the jump button is pressed, Kirby jumps extremely high and flattens the target underneath him.
  • German Suplex/Big Suplex: If backwards is pressed Kirby flips backwards and smashes the target against the ground, sending them backward.
  • Back Breaker: If up is pressed, Kirby will break the target over his shoulders then throw the target upwards.
  • Air Body Slam: If any button but down is pressed while Kirby is airborne, Kirby will throw the target upwards.
  • Air Down Body Slam/Plunge Body Slam: If down is pressed while Kirby is airborne, Kirby will throw the target into the ground, where it will bounce at a higher angle.
None 70
Quick Stamping (Fury Stomp in Ultra) B/Y (Right after lifting enemy) Kirby grabs his enemy (or defeated mid-boss) and stomps on it. None 70
Pinpoint Kick ↓+B/Y (Midair) Kirby falls, kicking as he goes down, often destroying most enemies below, bouncing off an enemy after kicking it. It is the only attack in Suplex Kirby's arsenal that is not a grab. This move can be used to dent bosses and is usually used to stall until the boss throws out a projectile. None 16


  • Many of Suplex's moves, particularly the forward and backward throws and the Fury Stomp are used when Kirby throws an enemy in the Super Smash Bros. series. The only exception is his up throw, which seems to be based on Ninja's Throw.
  • Suplex's name and ability icons are derived from a pro-wrestling move that shares the name.
  • Suplex is the only ability that has more than one mid-boss giving it in the same game. It can be obtained from mid-bosses Phan Phan, Jukid, and Bugzzy. Bugzzy is the Helper for Suplex.



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