Now I'm gonna pound you as flat as a flaaaaappyjaaack!
— Dedede • Sweet & Sour Puss

Sweet & Sour Puss is the 55th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


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The episode starts with Dedede ordering a Monster, which immediately attacks him. The next morning, Escargoon is singing a song about Dedede, with the same melody as the theme song (Japanese version only). When Dedede hears Escargoon say he loves him (in the 4Kids dub Escargoon saying he would be a better king than Dedede), Escargoon accidentally soaks Dedede with a vase full of roses. He thinks he is going to be hammered, but Dedede simply forgives him. Then he cleans up the mess, while Escargoon once again hurts Dedede by pushing him, making him step on a rose thorn, then getting smashed with a vase again. Escargoon begs forgiveness, and Dedede forgives him, freaking Escargoon out. He takes him to Yabui, who finds nothing wrong with him. Escargoon then takes Dedede to Tiff, Tuff, Kirby, and the rest of the Cappies. They also find Dedede's new personality creepy. Everyone tries to enrage Dedede by breaking his car, painting it, and pounding him with rubber hammers. Gus even broke the brakes on Dedede's car, crashing into the lake, yet he still forgives everything. He tells why he's like this on Channel DDD, because he says it's the power of love that changed him, and everyone watching freaked out. What he said however, may prove to be wrong because in his head, is a crystal ball with lots of red liquid, which may be Dedede's anger. Everyone in Cappy Town hold a celebration for Dedede's new leaf. Some Cappies test out Dedede's personality by hitting him, but the more he is hit, the more the what seems to be an anger gauge fills. Kawasaki tries testing Dedede's new change by feeding him very grotesque food, such as rice with chocolate gravy. Escargoon suspects this to be the work of a monster, so he calls Customer Service, and Dedede did buy a monster. The manual for the monster said that whoever is attacked by it is immune to being angry, so it attacked Dedede, changing him into a lover. Escargoon uses this opportunity to get payback on Dedede. Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby find the manual and find out something...



Meanwhile, Kawasaki is still stuffing Dedede, but before he was done, Escargoon started attacking Dedede with his hammer. This made things worse, since Tiff later tells him that the anger is stored in the monster, and when it reaches full power, it explodes and makes whoever it's controlling super mad. Meta Knight appears and tells them that it is starting to happen, then it finally does. Escargoon frames Kirby for whamming Dedede with his hammer, so Dedede starts attacking him, but Dedede slips on a banana peel, and the monster was released. It revealed itself as a giant spike ball similar to Kunckle Joe's demon form named Togeira. Because it took in all of Dedede's anger, it is super powerful. Kirby inhales one of its needles, transforming him into Needle Kirby. Tiff then calls for the Warpstar, and Kirby and Togeira duke it out. No matter how much Kirby tries shooting needles at Togeira, it justs counters with its own. It later fires all of its needles, which home in on Kirby. He decides to use Togeira's own needles against it to defeat it. So before Togeira finished regenerating all of its needles, Kirby lured the needles toward it, and they explode on him, defeating Togeira while exploding in very large and long lasting fireworks. Dedede finds out that Escargoon had hammered him, so he hammers back, signifying that Dedede is back to normal. The episode ends with Dedede still attempting to hammer Escargoon while everyone laughs.
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Changes in the Dub

  • After the Cappies hit Dedede with their mallets, Dedede says "It's okay," in the Japanese version. As everybody went back in shock, Chief Bookem pulled out his pistol. The gun was cut in the dub to lower down violence.
  • Profanity was removed in the dub.
  • The "DDD The Great" sign was digitally airbrushed out only in Kirby Channel.
  • The "Manual" word on the monster manual was digitally airbrushed out.
  • The firework scene was cut out in the dub for unknown reasons.
  • The scene where King Dedede is eating Kawasaki's cooking and finishing it before Kawasaki brings another dish is cut from the English dub due to time constraints.
  • The scene where Chief Bookem and Mayor len are talking about Kawasaki's cooking was swapped with another scene of King Dedede being full of Kawasaki's cooking and showing Togeira inside Dedede's head, but this only happened in the dub while the Japanese version everything is on the right place.


  • The poem Escargoon recites in the dub version can also be recited to the first opening theme of Hoshi no Kaabii.