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KSqSq Tedhaun
Kirby: Squeak Squad artwork
In Games
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Tedhaun is a mid-boss in Kirby: Squeak Squad that gives Kirby the Ghost ability. He is a purple, one-eyed ghost wearing a plum-colored wizard's hat with a dark purple star in the middle. Tedhaun cannot be encountered by Kirby unless he has collected and assembled the Ghost Medal, the pieces of which must be found in various treasure chests throughout Dream Land. Once the Ghost Medal is completed, Tedhaun will replace a different mid-boss in each level.

In battle, Tedhaun doesn't have any attacks of his own per se, but he can create and manipulate smaller one-eyed ghosts that circle and follow him, but they can't be copied. In a way, Tedhaun's mini ghosts act as the stars other mid-bosses create to swallow and fire back at the boss. He can also immobilize Kirby by grabbing onto him and have a smaller ghost come and charge into him, making him a challenging foe to defeat. However, he can easily be beaten with an ability that allows Kirby to go through foes unharmed- namely ones like Tornado and Hi-Jump.

Currently, Tedhaun is the only source of the rare Ghost ability (allowing Kirby to pass through obstacles and take control of enemies except bosses), besides performing a default Mix of double Sleep or using the Copy Pedestal in the Secret Area after finding all the Secret Map pieces. He is also the only mid-boss in the series that must be unlocked before he can be fought.


Tedhaun's name is an anagram of the word "haunted" (specifically the first and last syllables switched).



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