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Copy Ability

Image caption
Name (JP) Japanese name
- Meaning Meaning
In GamesIn games
In the animeEpisode 1 2 3...
Mix of(a) + (b)
AppearanceAbility hat/appearance
PropertiesElemental property
Other PowersOther uses
Ability IconAbility icons
Regular enemiesEnemies giving the ability
Mid-bossesMini-bosses giving the ability
BossesBosses giving the ability
HelperHelper for the ability

Modules used

Automatic Categorization


|title		=Title. Defaults to page name if omitted
|image		=Image. Usual syntax
|caption	=Image caption
|jap_name	=Japanese name and transliteration
|jap_meaning	=Derivation / meaning of Japanese name
|jap_link	=Takes values 0 or any text string. 0 toggles linking to off. any other value makes it link to that value instead of jap_name
|games		=In games
|anime		=Episodes it appeared in
|mix		=Mix formula. Only used for mix abilities
|type		=Type
|hat		=Ability hat/appearance
|elements	=Elemental property
|powers		=Other uses
|icon		=Ability icons
|enemies	=Enemies giving the ability
|mini-bosses	=Mini-bosses giving the ability
|bosses		=Bosses giving the ability
|helper		=Helper for the ability

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