Episode(#J29 / #E27)
Hot Shot Chef 2
The Hot Shot Chef / A Spice Odyssey
Name (JP) 激辛! ファミレス戦争
- Meaning Burning Hot! Family Restaurant War
Air Date (NA)December 14, 2002
Air Date (JP)April 27, 2002
Copy AbilityCook
Demon BeastMonsieur Goan

The Hot Shot Chef / A Spice Odyssey is the 29th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! It is notable for the first and only appearance of the Superspicy Curry and the appearance of a monster with the ability to speak: Monsieur Goan.


King Dedede gets tired of his food at the castle. He decides to head to Kawasaki's, but he really isn't much better off eating there. Annoyed, he decides to open his own restaurant when he realizes that he doesn't have much of a choice in places to get food, and he does it the usual way, through Customer Service's teleporter machine. He sponsors his new chef monster a brand new restaurant right opposite Kawasaki's and the two began a novelty food duel, eventually with Dedede's restaurant burning down because his plan to hurt Kirby gets thwarted yet again.

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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Hot Shot Chef 1

Dedede cannot take anymore of this slop.

The episode starts off with King Dedede yelling, "Yuck! Yuck!! YUCK!!!" He whines, saying that this food isn't fit for a doggone dog and that there has to be something here that's edible. The king eats a piece of octopus and begins to cry, saying that he can't take this anymore. Escargoon tells the king that they have other food choices such as Insta-Noodles, cat food, and crunchy liver and bacon dog treats. Dedede yells at Escargoon, telling him that he wants something tasty. At Chef Kawasaki's restaurant Dedede is disgusted by all the food and says that it "tastes like trash!" The king asks the chef if he even has anything digestible in this dump. Kawasaki says that that's everything on the menu. Dedede yells at him, telling him that he isn't a chef, but a garbage man. Escargoon tells Kawasaki that all chefs have secret recipes and that he shouldn't hold out on them. Kawasaki apologizes because he doesn't have a secret recipe. Dedede calls the chef loser and he and Escargoon get out of there. Kawasaki asks about the bill, but Dedede calls him a pizza face and throws a pizza at the chef's face. The chef licks his pizza face, saying that it tastes okay to him.

Hot Shot Chef 3

Dedede is in love with Goan's food.

Dedede angrily barges into his castle, asking how Kawasaki's lousy restaurant stays in business. Escargoon tells him that it's the only one in town. Dedede stops in his tracks and asks Escargoon about opening their own place. Baffled, Escargoon stares at Dedede. The king says he knows how they can do it. He quickly runs to his throne and hits a button, contacting Customer Service. Dedede tells him that he needs a top chef to help him open his restaurant. Customer Service jokingly says that Dedede owning a restaurant is like a termite owning a lumber yard. Dedede says that he'll revolutionize the Cappies' cuisine, then he'll flambe Kirby in a food for all. Customer Service claims it to be an appetizing proposition and for Dedede to sit back while they cook up a cook. A small cook wearing a pair of sunglasses, a red and white striped shirt, a tie, and complete with a chef's hat is teleported. Dedede says that he looks pure continental. Customer Service introduces Monsieur Goan to the king. The chef opens a tray, revealing a small square of meat called a tournedo. Dedede mistakes this dish as a tornado, but Escargoon just laughs and tells Dedede that it's a tournedo and that it's a fancy foreign language. Dedede conks Escargoon on the head and tells the beanhead that he was just joking. Customer Service insists that Dedede tries some of Goan's tornado. Dedede picks up the fork and knife and cuts a piece of the meat. He eats it and then all of a sudden, he feels a sensation flowing through his body. Dedede's eyes become sleepy and he starts to dance, saying that this guy's chow is full of pow. Customer Service takes Dedede's response as a thumbs up. Dedede begins to eat some more of it. Escargoon tries to get some, but Dedede punches his noggin and takes the last piece, claiming it to be yum-tastic. Dedede picks up the plate and literally licks it clean, along with the decorative leaf, saying that the sauce is sauce-alicious. The king tells Monsieur Goan that they'll tickle the Cappies' taste buds first and then they'll tackle Kirby. Monsieur Goan just smirks.

Restaurant Goan

Restaurant Goan is open for business.

The next day, Kawasaki goes outside and hangs his sign. As he decides about today's special, he notices something different. He notices another restaurant and asks where it came from. Inside the restaurant, Escargoon explains to Waddle Doo and the Waddle Dees that Restaurant Goan is a high-class joint and that they aim to please their customers. Waddle Doo replies by saying "Oui, monsieur.(Yes, Mr.)" Escargoon asks Goan if everything is ready because they're about to open the front doors. Monsieur Goan stares at Escargoon and with a sheen of his shades, he replies "Oui(Yeah)". The first customers are Mayor Len Blustergas and his wife, Hana. The mayor tells Escargoon that he is honored to be their first customers and Hana compliments on how elegant tht decor looks. Escargoon explains that no expenses have been spared to please the citizens of Cappy Town and on behalf of King Dedede, he humbly invites them in to dine. There is soon a long line at Goan's restaurant and the Cappies are hoping it isn't like Kawasaki. Chef Kawasaki just stares down in disappointment. Tuff says that the Cappies can't wait to get to that new restaurant and Kawasaki says that it's right across the street. Tiff says that this is a scheme by Dedede just to ruin Kawasaki's business. Prof. Curio says that just because there's a long line doesn't mean the food is any good. Spikehead says that food must be really bad and Iroo says that the prices must be sky high. The mayor and his wife exit the restaurant. The Cappies surround them and Gus asks how was the food. The mayor begins to tear up and then bursts out, saying that it was heavenly and Hana says that on a scale of 1 to 10, she'd give it 100. Tuff asks how much was it. Hana says that the price is unbeatable and Len says that it was only $5. All the Cappies become shocked. Kawasaki says that he's through and Prof. Curio runs to the restaurant to try the food. Buttercup quickly grabs her husband, Chief Bookem, to get in line. Pretty soon, there is a huge line for the restaurant. Kawasaki just enters his restaurant and says that all his loyal customers have deserted him.

Hot Shot Chef 4

Kawasaki's ramen is full of spice.

A Spice Odyssey

Tiff, Tuff, Kawasaki's reaction

At the restaurant, Tiff and her family take a seat at a table. Lady Like says that this place is extremely pish posh and Sir Ebrum states that its a quantum leap from the way they used to dine. Tiff then thinks that maybe Chef Kawasaki can wash dishes here. Escargoon tells Dedede that his new restaurant is a smash and Dedede says that he's got the Cappies eating right out of his hands. Dedede says that soon, they'll go to phase two. Curio sips his soup and claims it to taste fascinating and wonders what that tangy taste is. Escargoon tells him that its essence of kumquat, also found in the hors d'oeuvres Bookem ordered. The chief stares at his dish and says that he is not sure he is going to like orange food. Escargoon says that he feels that an adventurous palette is a happy palette. Buttercup tries some and says that it's marvelous. Escargoon says that it's now time for the main entree. Monsieur Goan and some Waddle Dees push some trays in. Goan stops at Tiff's and her family's table and takes off the lid to reveal a plate with two small pieces of steak. Tuff is shocked and asks if that's it. Escargoon tells Tuff that what is there is grade A top of the line quality. Tuff tries to argue, but Escargoon interrupts him and says to taste it and see. Tuff puts his fork in it and Kirby finishes his plate. Lady Like claims the food to be fantastic and Sir Ebrum says that it's simply smashing. Escargoon says that Goan will be pleased to hear the compliments and Tuff asks for seconds. Tiff reluctantly eats her food. Back at Kawasaki's, Tiff tells him that she doesn't like the Restaurant Goan. Kawasaki says that he doesn't like anything about the restaurant because ever since it opened, his restaurant has been empty. Tiff then suggests to Kawasaki that he challenge Monsieur Goan to a restaurant war. The chef is confused, but Tiff explains that he should counterattack and offer free dessert or all you can eat buffets. Kawasaki likes the idea and says that he'll show Goan.

Hot Shot Chef 8

The Cappies taste the heat of the Heat-Seeking Burn Burger.

As Mabel and Buttercup are walking down the street, they notice how long the line is and quickly run in to get a spot. Meanwhile, Kawasaki tries to get customers in his restaurant, saying that he'll give them free coffee with their purchase. Escargoon quickly snatches the papers out of Kawasaki's hands and tells him that there is no solicitation. The snail rips up the papers and discourages Kawasaki. The chef quickly grabs a megaphone and tells the Cappies that he is giving away a $2.50 lunch special. One of the Cappies grabs the megaphone out of Kawasaki's hands,saying that it's too expensive because Goan gives lunch

Even Dedede and Escargoon taste the heat of the Heat-Seeking Burn Burger as well.

for $1.75. Kawasaki even tries to give his food away, but no one comes to his restaurant. Tuff asks what they are going to do and Tiff says that Kawasaki can always pay people to eat here. Kawasaki says that there is only so low he can go and he begins to sob on his toque. The chef then suggests that he'll close up, but Tiff tells him not to be a quitter. Tiff then tells him to make his food better, but Kawasaki pessimistically says that why bother when the food is no good. Tiff asks if there is anyone in town that likes to eat his food. Kawasaki sighs and replies only Kirby. Suddenly, the doors opens and Chief Bookem enters the restaurant. Kawasaki disappointingly asks if he wants to use the restroom; Chief Bookem says that he wants to order lunch. Kawasaki sighs, but suddenly is shocked by the reply. Bookem says that Goan's was so packed today that he couldn't get a place to sit and that there is no place else in town. Kawasaki stumbles after hearing this, but Tiff whispers to Kawasaki to take his order. Bookem asks for something spicy. Kawasaki is dumbfounded because he usually likes bland food like everyone else in Cappy Town. Bookem says that that was before he ate at Goan's and his food has flavor unlike the junk—but before he finishes he notices he had insulted Kawasaki. Bookem tells Kawasaki that his food tastes more like home cooking, but the food he gets at home tastes worse than the food they served in the military. Kawasaki and Kirby then go prepare an order of spicy chowder and dumplings. As the chowder boils and Kawasaki is busy cutting up vegetables, he tells Kirby to drop a pepper that is hanging on the wall into the chowder. Kirby jumps for the peppers on the wall and manages to get a hold of one. However, the rest of the bunch fall into the chowder, quickly changing from a soft beige color to a spicy red one. Kawasaki then gives the order to Bookem, whom claims that the food actually doesn't look too bad. Bookem opens his chopsticks and begins to eat the chowder. Suddenly, Bookem stops eating and begins to turn red. He screams and spews fire through his mouth and runs out of the restaurant. Bookem runs past all the Cappies waiting at Goan's and down the street. Kawasaki asks Kirby if he put all the peppers in the chowder. Kirby smiles and Kawasaki says that his restaurant is ruined because Bookem was his only customer and he turned him into a flamethrower. Suddenly, several Cappies come into the restaurant. Curio asks what was that dish Kawasaki gave Chief Bookem and Samo says that the chief blasted off like a rocketship. Kawasaki apologizes and says that it was an accident. He begins to hallucinate, but then Curio asks for a double order of the dish Bookem ate. Kawasaki is shocked to hear that.
Hot Shot Chef 5

Nothing cools the Cappies' tongues better than sherbet.

Hot Shot Chef 6

Kawasaki prepares his spiciest curry yet.

Pretty soon, Kawasaki has a long line of customers himself. Many of the customers are here to order the new "Hot Cha-Cha-Chowder" which is all the rage in Cappy Town. Kirby, Tuff, and Spikehead all order the Hot Cha-Cha-Chowder. Tiff warns them that it's a little spicy, but Tuff says not to worry because he an handle it. Tuff uses his chopsticks to grab some and he cools it off by blowing it. He slurps it and is hit with the spiciness of the food. Fololo says that Kirby thinks it's mild. Tuff notices Kirby slurping up his whole plate like it was nothing. Tuff slurps in some more noodles, but is overwhelmed by the spiciness. Tuff flies in the air spewing flames and runs out the restaurant. Various Cappies exhale fire and fall back, making the yearning to try some increase to those in line. As Dedede spies on them, he says that if it's hot they want, then they'll give them volcanic bittles. Restaurant Goan introduces their new Pepperpot Pizza. In the kitchen, Escargoon tells Goan to cover the pizza, which is already decorated with various peppers, with hot mustard. In the dining area, the Cappies are feeling the heat as they eat the pizza, except for Kirby, who eats it like nothing. Tiff says that they'll fight back with firepower and Kawasaki says that he'll pack his dynamite dumplings with explosive ingredients. The chef puts up a sign that shows a picture of dumplings with the words "Hot x10" written above it. All the Cappies rush to Kawasaki's restaurant. Kawasaki prepares the dumplings with hot mustard filling and tells himself wait till they get a load of these. The Cappies spew fire, but Kirby eats them by the dozen with no side effects. Dedede claims that it's time for war and Escargoon says that it's time to launch their secret weapon. They put a sign outside for their Heat-Seeking Burn Burger with the words "Hot x100" written above it. The Cappies try it and they all continue to spew fire. Escargoon says that they could hardly stand it and Dedede says that it must be pretty spicy. Dedede then suggests a taste test on the burger and Escargoon said that it wouldn't hurt. The two try it and spew a stream of fire. Goan then comes in, holding a tray with two cups of ice-cream. Dedede asks what it is and Escargoon says that it looks like sorbet. Goan pulls out a small vial of pink liquid and puts a single drop on each of the sorbets. The color suddenly changes from a pale white to a light pink. Dedede and Escargoon stare at the sorbet and then at Goan; Goan gives a sheen of his shades and says "Voila(That was awesome)". Pretty soon, Dedede and Escargoon go to the dining area with four trays full of sherbet in cups with wafers. Dedede tells the Cappies that dessert is on the house and Escargoon says hat after torchng their tongues, there's nothing like a frosty bowl of sorbet. Tuggle tries some and is relieved from the spiciness. Gus says that this stuff makes his tongue tingle and [Prof. Curio says that his mouth is chilling out. Both the mayor and his wife find the dessert to be refreshing. Melman says that the shape is soothing and Yabui says that the pink color is also soothing. Dedede says that Monsieur Goan put a special ingredient in the sorbet and Escargoon says that whoever eats it will have a huge craving for pink round things. Kirby is seen eating the sorbet too.

Hot Shot Chef 9

Kirby is about to become "Kirby Sorbet."

Tiff informs Kawasaki about the dessert they're serving at Goan's and that they need to counterattack them. Kawasaki is seen by a pot, mixing some red substance in it. He tells Tiff that it's so hot, that it may even burn through the pot. Tiff coughs and asks what Kawasaki is cooking. The chef says that he calls it Toxic Atomic Curry and when the Cappies take a load of this, he will be the hottest chef in town. Kawasaki sinisterly laughs, but Tiff tells him that the people are tired of spicy food. Kawasaki ignores her and asks her where Kirby is. She tells him that he's at Restaurant Goan. Kawasaki says too bad, because he'll have to test the curry himself. He grabs a fork and barely dabs it in the curry. Kawasaki puts the fork in his mouth and stops. He turns fiery red and then catches on fire. Tiff tells him that he's on fire, but all Kawasaki does is continue to laugh. Outside, Kawasaki puts a sign up for his new curry. Tuff tells Tiff that nobody wants to eat spicy food anymore. Tiff asks if anyone would come if it came with a free sherbet, but Tuff tells Tiff to try the new sorbet at Goan's because it makes them feel all tingly. At Goan's everyone is waiting for the sherbet. Tiff asks what is so great about the sherbet, but Tuff tells her, "Wait till you try it!" Tuggle then comes over to Tiff's table, drooling. Tiff asks what is so funny. Tuggle says that he just noticed how Kirby looks like a giant super sherbet. The others agree, but then some Waddle Dees bring in the sherbet. However, the sherbet looks exactly like Kirby. The sherbet has almonds for eyes and a mouth and wafers for feet. Tiff says that it looks like Kirby, but Tuff just says it does and continues eating. Tiff says that it's kind of weird, but she notices everyone else eating it too. However, after Gus is finished eating the sherbet, he becomes a zombie and he says that he wants to eat Kirby. Tuggle and Spikehead become zombies too and try to eat Kirby. Pretty soon, all the Cappies are zombies and Curio roars. The Cappies are about to attack Kirby until Tiff steps in and tells the Cappies that it is Kirby, not sherbet. Bookem hisses. Dedede interrupts and asks them if they want to see what Monsieur Goan is going to cook up now. Everyone agrees and Dedede tells Goan to take it away. Moniseur Goan says "Oui, mon ca" and his eyes turn red. The chef glows yellow and then suddenly grows two pairs of arms. Goan then transforms into a monster to Tiff's horror, growing about five times his normal size.

Hot Shot Chef 7

Monsieur Goan's demise.

As the people break free of their sherbet hypnosis, Dedede then orders Goan to turn Kirby into sherbet. Goan tries to smash Kirby with his shaker, but the famed pink puffball quickly dodges it. Kirby hops on top of the heads of Cappies, using them as platforms with Goan right behind him. Goan swings his arms wildly trying to hit Kirby. Goan continues to swing wildly until he hits Kirby with the rolling pin. Honey, Spikehead, and Iroo quickly run out of the restaurant. Kawasaki comes outside to see what is going on. He sees Kirby on the chandelier fighting back Monsieur Goan. Kawasaki tells Kirby to hang on, but he quickly notices he's holding his frying pan. He throws it at Kirby and tells him to catch. Kirby inhales it and quickly transforms into Cook Kirby. Meta Knight says that Goan will try to make things spicy now. Kirby deflects Goan's weapons with his frying pan. Tuff says that Kirby's in trouble and Tiff says that the monster knows every trick in the book. Meta Knight jokingly says the cookbook and Tiff says that's a good one. Kirby continues to fight back util he is knocked against a wall and loses his ability. Goan picks up Kirby and puts him inside a dry ice ball. Dedede laughs and says that it won't be long. Kirby suddenly turns blue in color and ice begins to form on him. Tiff goes to save Kirby, but Escargoon stops them, saying that they'll feel better after trying a freezing bowl of Kirby sorbet. Dedede tells Kirby to chill out. Kawasaki thinks to himself to find some way he can help. He quickly comes up with an idea and runs to his restaurant. Kawasaki grabs a plate, puts a scoop of rice on it, and a ladle full of his Toxic Atomic Curry. He quickly runs back to Goan's restaurant and throws the plate towards Kirby, telling him that this will fire him up. Kirby eats it and the ice starts to melt. The Star Warrior turns a hot red color and heats up the glass, forcing Monsieur Goan to throw it. Kirby then begins to spew fire. Tuff says that it's Fire Kirby, but Meta Knight says that it's just heat stroke from Kawasaki's cooking. Kawasaki tears up because he finally outspiced Kirby. Kirby sets Goan on fire and everyone runs out. Monsieur Goan explodes, setting the restaurant ablaze and flying through the ceiling in the process. Everyone is disappointed as they watch the restaurant burn to the ground.

Hot Shot Chef End

Escargoon and Dedede taste the spiciness of the curry!

Later that night, Escargoon and Dedede are being punished for their actions. Escargoon asks what is with this punishment and Dedede says that it's punishment enough to have to mingle with the peasants. Tiff says that they tried to make people eat Kirby so now it's their turn. Tuff says that the two have to eat some of Kawasaki's Toxic Atomic Curry. Dedede and Escargoon both laugh. Dedede says that that doesn't sound like a punishment at all and Escargoon says that there is nothing too hot for them to handle. Kawasaki hands them a plate full of the curry and rice. Dedede claims the dish to look wimpy and Escargoon says no sweat. Both of them take a spoonful of the curry and eat it. Both of them then become shocked as they already feel the intensity of the spiciness. They both turn a burning shade of red and then spontaneously combust in flames. They turn into cinders after the flames wear off. The episode ends with everyone laughing at them.

End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • The ramen bowl has the katakana "Rāmen" digitally erased in the 4Kids dub.
  • The katakana on the sign for Kawasaki's restaurant is digitally erased in the dub.
  • The kanji is digitally removed from the picture in the restaurant.
  • The sign has the English words, "Restaurant Goan" replaced with a two forks sign only in Kirby Channel.
  • The Coffee papers that Chef Kawasaki are showing have the English word, "COFFEE," digitally erased.
  • The scene where Chief Bookem tells Yabui about Kawasaki's ramen and dumplings is cut from the English dub due to time constraints.
  • The sign has the English words, "100% OFF" replaced with a "No Dollar Sign."
  • The sign has the English words, "HOT! HOT! PIZZA" digitally removed only in Kirby Channel.
  • The sign has the English words, "HOT X 10!!" digitally removed only in Kirby Channel.
  • The sign has the English words, "HOT! 100!!" digitally removed only in Kirby Channel.
  • The ramen flag on Kawasaki's restaurant has the English word, "HOT!!" digitally removed.
  • The sign has the English words, "The Most Hot CURRY in the world" digitally removed only in Kirby Channel.
  • The scene where Monsieur Goan is being burned by Kirby is shortened in the dub.
    • In the dub version, one can see Monsieur Goan fly through the roof after the restaurant is destroyed. This was absent in the original as Goan instantly disintegrated.


  • This episode's name in the dub, "A Spice Odyssey", is most likely a pun on the title of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Kawasaki's frying pan reappears in this episode.
  • Although Tiff said, "that's not Kirby, it's sherbet," she was supposed to say it in reverse to the brainwashed Cappies.

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