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Kirby Super Star Ultra screenshot
The Revenge
Name (JP) リベンジ オブ デデデ (Ribenji obu Dedede)
- Meaning Revenge of Dedede
A place in
Revenge of the King
Kirby Super Star Ultra
4Stage 5-
ThemeDedede's castle
BossesMasked Dedede
Common enemiesBurning Leo, Capsule J2, Chilly, Gordo, Moto Shotzo, Parasol, Parasol Waddle Dee, Rosely, Simirror, Spear Waddle Dee, Sword Knight, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Wheelie
Mid-bossesMr. Tick-Tock, Grand Wheelie, Phan Phan, Twin Fire Lions, and Bandana Waddle Dee

Final Stage: The Revenge is Revenge of the King's harder version of Mt. Dedede. It follows Mt. Dedede Sky.

General Information

The stage is significantly longer than the one it replaces. Instead of a room with a Parasol Waddle Dee, a Rocky, a Waddle Doo and a Poppy Bros. Jr., and a door leading to the battle ring, it consists of separate rooms that were designed to finish off Kirby. Kirby must navigate his way through hallways and rooms with the mid-bosses that he had fought in the first three levels (albeit with a different color scheme). After King Dedede has thrown all of his "servants" at Kirby, Kirby must fight Dedede's right hand Waddle Dee, who is wearing a bandana and has ridiculously high stamina (it can still be inhaled, however, thus defeating it in one hit). Dedede then guides Kirby to his ring, which now has an electric fence around it, and only one spectator (the Bandana Waddle Dee), where he offers Kirby a hammer and reveals his secret weapon.

Kirby defeats Dedede, and sends him flying out of his castle again. King Dedede then decides to travel through the desert he landed on, but not without some friends—he is accompanied by some Waddle Dees (including Bandana Waddle Dee).



  • The Revenge has a small reference to the Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, as King Dedede does not know the names of Mr. Tick-Tock and Grand Wheelie, referring to them as "this one" or "the next", while he refers to Phan Phan and Twin Fire Lions as their real names, both of which were ordered by King Dedede as monsters to take down Kirby in the anime. This could be a coincidence, however, because Mr. Tick-Tock and Grand Wheelie don't appear in the anime.
  • In Kirby Super Star Ultra's blooper reel, Kirby is shown flying out of the castle holding the hammer that King Dedede gave him before their match.


The stage makes use of music from Revenge of Meta Knight which plays during sequences within the Halberd's interior. When fighting King Dedede, the "Masked Dedede" theme plays. This is the only instance of the theme in the game.

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Theme - Halberd Interior
Theme in Kirby Air Ride
KAR logo
Theme in Kirby Super Star
Halberd is Meta Knight's personal battleship. Throughout the series' history, it has been wrecked several times, but somehow manages to get repaired back into its prime. Its most important role is in Revenge of Meta Knight, the sub-game in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Theme - King Dedede

KA Dedede
In Kirby Mass Attack - Boss stages
KMA Logo2
In Kirby's Epic Yarn, Stage: King Dedede in Snow Land (World 6)
Epic Yarn Logo
Music DStar
"The Masked Dedede" Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack
Masked Dedede's theme - Revenge of the King (KSSU)
KSSU logo
Newly extended theme in Kirby Super Star
Original theme in Kirby's Dream Land
KDL logo
King Dedede's theme is as timeless as the Kirby Series itself, as the portly penguin king features as Kirby's main antagonist throughout the games, and is the final boss in Kirby's Dream Land, the first in the series.

The musical motif is recurrent throughout many games and is not limited to contexts involving Dedede directly. The only notable confrontation against Dedede where some variation of the theme does not play is in Kirby's Adventure, when fighting him at the Fountain of Dreams.

Kirby Super Star introduces an extended version of the theme music, which has been used ever since.


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