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The True Arena (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
Name (JP) 真 格闘王への道 (Ma kakutō-ō e no michi)
- Meaning means "True Path of the Fighting King"

The True Arena is a heavily revamped version of The Arena and is the final sub-game in Kirby Super Star Ultra. In this sub-game, Kirby must fight against the ten new bosses introduced in the game. The first six bosses are fought in a random order, composed of stronger versions of Whispy Woods, Lololo and Lalala, Kracko Jr., Kracko, and Kabula, and the four new mid-bosses (Mr. Tick Tock, Grand Wheelie, Phan Phan, and Fire Lion). However, the Final Four, composed of Masked Dedede, Wham Bam Jewel, Galacta Knight, and Marx Soul, are fought in said order after the player defeats the original six.

The True Arena differs to The Arena in several ways, aside from the change in bosses. Rather than providing the player with five Maxim Tomatoes as in The Arena, the player only receives five regular tomatoes, which heals as much life as one Maxim Tomato does when all five are combined. In addition, although the game will still provide the player with two copy pedestals after every battle, which grant the player randomly generated abilities, one of the pedestals will always grant the player the Sleep ability, effectively limiting the player to sheer luck if Kirby was to lose a copy ability during the match.

The True Arena is unlocked after clearing The Arena, Helper to Hero (once with any Helper), Revenge of the King, and Meta Knightmare Ultra.

The First Six

The first six bosses are fought in a random order. These bosses all originate from the sub-game Revenge of the King.

The Final Four

Unlike the first six, the Final Four is fought in a set order. The Final Four is composed of the following, in the order they are fought:


  • The rest area for The Arena is shown (like all other rest areas for Super Star Ultra) with Kirby at the base of a forest and a tent over him along with a windy path to the colosseum. The True Arena's rest area has a stormy sky and many rotting, decayed trees in place of the former lush ones; the colosseum is also redesigned to include spikes on top of it. When Kirby approaches the Final Four, the rest area changes dramatically. The entire area becomes horribly fogged over, the dark clouds strike thunder, the sign post changes and shows a hazy image of the next boss's face and the music is changed into a suspenseful, orchestral mumble.
  • Strangely, although The True Arena music doesn't appear in the Sound Test before this mode is beaten, Marx Soul's cackles and death cry (Sounds 343-347) can be found before the mode is unlocked.
  • With the exception of Kabula and the Mid-Boss All Stars, all other bosses of the True Arena are revamped, stronger versions of previous bosses.



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