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KMA Totem Woods spriteKMA Totem Woods sprite 2
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Totem Woods
Name (JP) タワーウッズ(Tower Woods)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points GivenSpike-nosed segment - 350
Mushroom-nosed segment - 350

Totem Woods is a rare enemy appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. They are underlings of Whispy Woods that only appear in Stage 8 of Green Grounds.


Totem Woods is a tree composed of short, cylinder-shaped trees segments stacked atop a stump. Only the top segment has leaves. All segments have faces similar to that of Whispy Woods. They also have either a spike or a mushroom for a nose; the mushroom will bounce a Kirby away, while the spike will hurt a Kirby.

In Kirby Mass Attack

Totem Woods' simply stand on a tree stump and slowly spin around, blocking the Kirbys' path. To defeat them, the Kirbys have to hit each and every one of the Totem Woods' when their backs are turned, otherwise the Kirbys will take damage or bounce off, because of the spiked-nose or mushroom, respectively.

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