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Training Clowns are some of Nightmare Enterprises' most important monsters. They run a school that Nightmare's monsters go to after being created by him to learn how to be mean and scary, as they don't all start out as evil and violent creatures. The Training Clowns are led by Whippy and run four different classes - the flower class, star class, moon class, and snow class. The monsters trained by the clowns compete with each other to be the best, and the best one out of all of them is selected as a new combatant for Nightmare's army. The Training Clowns come in different shapes and sizes and wield different weapons. The clown with the whip runs the flower class, the large clown with the flail runs the star class, the skinny clown with the trident runs the moon class, and the blue-haired clown with the bendable rapier runs the snow class.


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