Kirbycolors This article is about the enemy in Kirby's Dream Course. For the item in Kirby's Block Ball, see Changer.
Kirby's Dream Course sprite
Name (JP) チェンジャー (Changer)
In Games
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Copy AbilityBurning, Freeze, Hi-Jump, Needle, Parasol, Spark, Stone, Tornado, UFO, Wheel
CategoryRegular enemy
Special notesOnly appears in 2-player mode
When Kirby defeats this enemy, the power display turns into a slot machine. Press the A Button and the power that appears becomes yours. The slot machine does not appear if you pressed the A Button while hitting this enemy.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby's Dream Course

Transformer[1] is an enemy in Kirby's Dream Course. It only exists in the multiplayer mode of the game. Transformer is a unique character because it can grant Kirby multiple different Copy Abilities, a role that would later be used by Bukiset.

Physical Appearance

Transformers are tall can-like enemies with red lids with faces, blue shoes, and cylindrical, slot machine-like bodies with a green "?" in front.


Kirby's Dream Course

Transformer sits immobile in one position. If Kirby bumps into it, he will acquire a random ability, although it can also cause a Kirby to lose his ability. It can provide every ability in Kirby's Dream Course. The possible abilities include Burning, Freeze, Hi-Jump, Needle, Parasol, Spark, Stone, TornadoUFO, and Wheel.


  1. Kirby's Rainbow Resort

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