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Treasure Shot
Kirby: Squeak Squad screenshot
Treasure Shot
Name (JP) トレジャーシュート (Torejāshūto)
- Meaning from "Treasure Shoot"

Treasure Shot is a sub-game in Kirby: Squeak Squad.

In Treasure Shot, Kirby and Doc compete to get the most desserts. Three treasure chests appear on the top screen, and when they open, the player has to slide the stylus in the right direction. This will make Kirby throw a ball towards the dessert. If the ball hits the target, points will be awarded. Some dessert has to be hit multiple times and the player who makes the last hit will get the points. Bombs will also appear. The one that lands the second hit on the bomb will be stunned for a few seconds. The game lasts for 30 seconds.


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