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November 16, 2011
  • I live in Earth
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  • My occupation is Graphic Design
  • I am Female
I just saw Kirby this morning, and I don't remember him sucking up my house
— A Cappy, in Un-Reality TV
There are times, when video games stop being video games. And they ascend — to legend.
— Joel from Vinesauce

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Kirby Wiki's resident Fluttershy aficionado!

Hello everyone! I'm Gioku, a budding game designer and founder of the brand-new indie game company, Electric Prune Juice! I'm also a proud Nintendo gamer and brony for life!

I love Fluttershy, Shy Guys, Pac-Man, and Kirby!

I've been a fan of Kirby since 2010, when I got my DS Lite, and shortly after, Kirby Super Star Ultra! I've since lost my DS Lite, but I now have an Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS as my gaming pride and joy!

I love this site a lot, and I take pride in making sure it's neat and tidy, up-to-date, and vandalism free!

Also, if you need any help with formatting, wikicode, HTML, or templates, I'm the girl to ask!


Visit my Workshop 

I add missing screenshots on a variety of subjects when I have the time.

I also try to keep templates up to date whenever necessary (such as when new information needs to be added to them).

From time to time I do general site maintenance, just cruising the wiki and fixing grammatical errors, improving flow or removing subjective or unnecessary pieces.

Kirby Games I Own

These are the games in the Kirby series that I own, in order of when I got them. For a list of every video game I own, click here!

Games I've Made

MaxtomatoKAR Main article: User:Gioku/Kirby and the French Revolution
Kirby and the French Revolution

The title screen of Kirby and the French Revolution.

In case you didn't know, I make games! I won't list them all here (you can visit the above link for that), but I did create one Kirby fan game: I made Kirby and the French Revolution for a school project when I was in 8th grade! I've gotten better since then, but I'm still proud of it! And it's my best game for talking about on this site (since it's Kirby related, after all).

Favorite Stuff

Some of my favorite Kirby stuff!



Gourmet Race Acapella - Smooth Mcgroove (KSS)
Masked Dedede's theme - Revenge of the King (KSSU)
KSSU logo
Stage Medley Acoustic Version - (KSSU Soundtrack Bonus Track)
KSSU logo
Tree to Tree - (KMA)
KMA Logo2
Night Desert - Sky Sands theme remix (KMA)
KMA Logo2

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