Anyways, I've been kinda iffy on posting this because It may count as wiki advertising but I've made some kirby fanart and made a project out of it. Most of these are just edits of official art but others I made myself. The project is far from done and I'm not all that proud about it, but It would take forever to upload all my fanart here. The project is called Kirby's Dream World btw. Note that I'm probably not making this into a fangame you can actually play on the computer, unless I get some programming skills and such. here they are anyways.

BTW, some of these I just recolored or didn't even make, the ones in the gallery are the ones I made/edited.

And I also wanna say, I'm sorry for being such an obnoxious little pest 2 years back, I was 10 Brave Kirbys at the time

and I also wanna say, I think Nerdy deserves a huge slice of strawberry shortcake for all that he does for this place, It's just the fact that without him this wiki would be way out of shape hasn't even been brought up, and It really bugs me, like being kidnapped by a spider bugs me

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