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arena/true arena scores

hi i just started this wiki and for you pepole reading this i want to know your arena/true arena/helper to hero scores mine are arena time 8:58:94 my true area scores are 18:52:52 and my helper to hero scores are knuckle joe 13:13:90 parsol waddle dee 16:39:14 chilly 12:00:50 blade knight 13:09:97 simirror 15:47:20 sir kibble 14:45:27 plsma wisp 14:09:32 waddle doo 11:54:64 poppy bro jr 13:44:90 gim11:04:07 birdon 11:42:85 bio spark 10:53:10 bonkers 06:52:19 capsle j2 12:20:89 bugzzy 12:36:50 TAC 11:01:87 rocky 10:45:00 sword knight 12:46:57 uncompleted helpers wheelie,burning leo10 Brave Kirbys 13:58, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

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