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    W.I.P Kirby fanfic

    March 20, 2015 by 5MagmaFurries

    I stared at the poster, it read: KIRBY FIGHTERS ANNUAL EVENT 2026. ALL KIRBYS WELCOME. DO YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO WIN? In the middle was a picture of 8 different Kirby Fighters leaping out from some kind of explosion of light.

    “Yo, Tai, come see this!” I shout across to him. Tai is seen as somewhat of an oddity among beetle Kirbies; you see, he’s one of the rare Hydra Kirbies, a sort of subtype of beetle Kirbies. Tai read the poster about three times (he does this sort of thing) and then finally stated

    “Welp... might as well have a go. There’s no harm in trying is there?” and I smirk at him. We head out to the location seen on the bottom of the poster and find ourselves standing before a huge coliseum or something. At first the place seems …

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