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Guys...get goin for pete's sake!

Uh...Guys...Guys...GUYS!!!Help me out PLEASE!!!!!!!!Here's an idea to get ya started.

Flaming Scarf

Swooshing around the area,Spitting out Hot Heads and Flamers,Drop Meteors

Fire,Buring,Stone (from enimies and meteors)

Neo Star

A Scarfy with a sneer at all times and a tail with a red flame,steam pours from his and a blue-white flame with smoke in his final form.He became a boss when he got hypnotized to drop in lava,making him a beast...

Final Form Add-on Attack: Targeting Flame Thrower

Cool,eh?Now get thinkin'! Biospark22 13:41, April 6, 2011 (UTC)Biospark22

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