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Oh my god............ START ALREADY!!!!!!!

Biospark22 October 22, 2011 User blog:Biospark22

COME ON, PEOPLE!!!! I only have one idea(Trickery) and my own (Flaming Scarf). I'll give only one more 'til someone makes an idea.


DDD Factory

Bomb, Stone, Spark, Ice, Laser, Fire (attacks)

  • A sweep from the side with a drill. Rocks fall as the sweep ends. Stone is yours if a rock is OMNOMNOMed.
  • Lasers fly about from the eyes. Laser if swallowed Laser. Heh...
  • 3 different colored lasers are shot from the torso. Fire (red), Spark (yellow), or Ice (blue).
  • Final Move: 10 easy to find missiles are launched. Bomb is given only if super inhaled, they're heavy...

It looks like Dedede from the Dream Course, but 2 times bigger.

So no ideas from me til' you reply to the one with 2 comments with an idea. K? K. Biii! PO-yo

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