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    AAWDA 1

    August 15, 2016 by CaveStoryKing

    Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog post! I'm so glad you could stop bye.

    I have the unusual pleasure of having a Waddle Dee stopping at my house, and, for this week only (maybe longer if this is popular), he will answer all of your Waddle-Dee-related questions! Just leave a comment down below, and we will answer it.

    If you're interested in having another character do an AMA (Ask MAnything), feel free to leave that in the comments as well.

    Here's an example of the format I would like for a question:

    Q: Hello, Waddle Dee, what is your name?

    And I would answer...

    A: I am Waddle Dee #3141592, but you can call me Kenry.

    Have fun!

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