I want everyone's opinion on this guy! Here is his description! He is a regular Waddle Dee who cannot be inhaled due to the various objects he wields. He like his name implies is a psychotic Waddle Dee. He'll sometimes go by the alias Mr. Dee or even P.W.D. which makes it look like you're pwning someone. He has a gash-like scar on the left side of his body just on the outside of his face. He is right-handed and can provide a bit of comedy due to his failures to kill Kirby which is his one goal in life. He does not work for Dedede. He always has a sharp weapon in his hand(s) (depends if he has a two-handed weapon like claws or something) his favorite being a blood-stained machete. Every weapon of his seems to somehow have blood stained on them. There is a story behind his scar which will be done when I think of a good one for it. What are your opinions of this particular Waddle Dee?

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