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So, here we are, a quarter through the year and what a time it is in the past few months. I don't write blogs unless there's something worthwhile to say, and I believe we could use a little summary on the goings on.

For one we got a double Kirby release in 2011; That stirred up lots of activity and interest both in Kirby and on the Wiki. Oh, and then there's the re-showing of abuot half the episodes of the anime on the Wii channel for most of Europe. We got a lot of new registered users (and everything that comes with them) during that time, even some retired members came back for a while, so those are fun times.

Several months after, much of the hubris had understandably died down (since articles' frameworks have mostly been completed anyway). In line with the site's history, most of the new contributors went off for the next new thing, some stayed around to maintain the site (I know who you guys are from the page logs). As for the several old timers on the site, well... they're still lurking everywhere =D

Work's far from done though. We still have just about as many stubs and clean-up needed pages as we've had in recent memory. Administration-related backlog (e.g. deletion, patrols etc.) is virtually non-existent, so at least we're covered there. Our page view count (non-unique IPs) still hovers around 20k per day, if anyone's interested about that.

So that's the site. What about my work? (i.e. the h4x0R codez) Well at least Wikia has stopped changing their damn CSS selectors every update so I don't have to fix our custom wiki skin Mediawiki:Wikia.css | Mediawiki:Common.css every Wednesday now. Templates and delivery mechanisms are in good shape although the main page article lead-in abstracts haven't been updated in a while since Kirby's Epic Yarn's release, so for example there's not going to be Magolor's article's snippet featured on it yet.

I haven't done as much for the site as I've liked, really. I'd sit down and code for 12+ hours straight (code not for the site ofc) on days without lectures and still I'd be chasing deadlines the next day - that doesn't leave much time for other things. At least page patrols and fixes don't take that long (unlike the more complicated templates and their styling) so I can still cover those.

Oh, lastly I got the user rights for Bureaucrats on the wiki without RfB - that was a pleasant surprise, but I have everyone to thank for that.

Well that's all the time I have to write this up. One of my coursework pieces needs a mock-up website header (...mundane...) so what better than one with Kirby right? =D I just thought I'd post it up here. Keep up the good work guys. Poyo!

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Wait for meeeeee..!!!

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