Users familiar with the site would have noticed a significant change in site layout over the last two months, however, on 26 April 2011, the site has had the largest revamp in general look and feel yet. This is not a sudden decision, and I've been working on it for a few weeks over here, and the change has been applied following positive and constructive comments by active members of the community. Application of the new skin is such that aesthetics, editing and navigational functionalities should be much improved, but it can and will be reversed if community consensus is negative.

This outlines all the major changes from what users are familiar to. The column on the left is the new layout, the column on the right is the familiar one.

SChg1 AllNew SChg1 AllOld
Most of the feature changes in one screen capture The main screen that we're all used to
SChg1 HeaderNew SChg1 HeaderOld
The top header area.


  • Texture changes. These are better seen than described
  • Top Wikia bar is now "transparent" and background shows through it. Not actually, but in all practicalities it can be taken as such.
  • Monobook skin button is now added through a Javascript plugin into the bar. Clicking on it will toggle the skin to the old Monobook skin with 100% screen width for content
  • Recent Changes button that leads to Special:RecentChanges, which is a much more powerful version than Wiki Activity. This replaces the Wiki Activity button. Wiki Activity can still be accessed if one navigates to the Toolbox and click on Wiki Activity. Alternatively, click on "See More" on the Wiki Activity Sidebar Module.This was disallowed on wiki-wide level
  • Searchbox now has a button that really pops
  • Article edited by user zzz hours ago area is now transparent
  • Article title underline is now deep red instead of gray
The old top header area
SChg1 Header2New SChg1 Header2Old
Wikia Navigational panel


  • Retexturing, with drop shadow effect
The old Navigational panel
SChg1 Header3New SChg1 Header3Old
Topbar Dropdown panel


  • Retexturing
The old Dropdown panel
SChg1 FooterNew SChg1 FooterOld
The floating footer toolbar available to registered users


  • Via Javascript plugin from Dev Wikia, functionality once only available to the older Monobook skin has now been restored. Adds Edit, Rename, Purge, History, and What links here buttons to the original buttons. The Protect and Delete remain unchanged for users with the level of access This was disallowed on a wiki-wide level.
The old floating footer toolbar. The original color for users should be pink. The red coloration was from my personal CSS.
SChg1 SidebarNew SChg1 SidebarOld
The new sidebar


  • Now transparent, with a graduated transparency on the side borders (We're the only Wiki to have this so far)
  • Retexturing, border tweaks
The old sidebar
SChg1 EditsummaryNew SChg1 EditsummaryOld
Edit summary box


  • Retexturing
The old Edit summary box

Note: The minor edit and follow checkboxes exist for registered users, but this screen capture was taken when I was logged out

SChg1 UserspaceNew SChg1 UserspaceOld
User area


  • Retexturing, specifically the tabs now look like velvet instead of being plasticky
The old user area

Other changes not listed:
*The main background has been changed (duh =P). It does not scroll with the screen. Supports up to 1920x1080 resolution
  • Article area is now 85% opaque
  • The three bottom windows at the very bottom of the screen leading to different Wikis are gone
  • The Other Wikis sidebar module is now gone Changes disallowed on wiki-wide CSS
  • Buttons! They now have inactive/on-mouse-hover/active-state (clicked) textures. They are meant to look like denim sewn onto the menus, so they have subtle shadowing and 3D effects. Text is meant to mimic gold thread.
  • Image attribution on the main article is now gone, as it is not necessary. This is done by all major wikis. Accreditation to the original uploader is still available at the main image page.
  • The Monobook skin has been changed as well, but the changes are not complete and not as extensive. Plus, much support has been withdrawn from the skin, so certain features do not work correctly. If pages have complicated arrangements (or just the blog area), the layout will get severely distorted, but otherwise it's good to go.

Oopsies for the disallowed changes. Sorry Mr. Fuzzy, MtaÄ. Still, if users liked the feature, feel free to add the code from the first window into your personal js page. If you don't know how, talk to me on my talk page.

These are all the major changes. There are other border/color tweaks, but these are not significant enough to be mentioned here but they are still important in achieving the final effect. This article will be linked to the main page temporarily, so users can:

  • Comment on the change (whether you'd like it reversed or to stay)
  • Features that are disliked. I'm aware that the recent activity button swap is the most controversial change, but since it's tied in with the rest of the added buttons from the plug-in from Dev Wikia, I'm afraid it's all or nothing for that particular one. I can't modify the code since I know zilch about Javascript.
  • Features that can be improved
  • Your feelings about it. E.g. Too messy? Just right? Warm? things like that.

Again, the testbed for the new skin here outlines the thought processes behind it. Note that it is a testbed for the background, and it does not contain all the features (namely the script-added buttons) listed here.

Finally, thanks for your feedback, and have a lovely day!

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23:32, April 26, 2011 (UTC)

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