1. Always use Hammer

Hammer is the strongest copy ability of the game, so it will deal a heavy damage with the enemies. Do not change the ability along the progress. Bonkers become the great helper for this.

2. Keep your health full

This is the most vital part along the progress. When your enemy attacks, you have to guard. If your health is ≤30%, eat the Tomatoes / Maxim Tomatoes from the trees. Note only 5 Max. Tomatoes and 5 Tomatoes on the trees.

3. Be more careful after beating Kabula

After beating Kabula, your helper is lost. Don't worry, there's the next Hammer copy essences before any boss battles.

4. Perfect your skills to beat FINAL FOUR!

Final Four is the last four bosses. They are: Masked Dedede, Wham Bam Jewel, Galacta Knight, and MARX SOUL. They might have greater skills than pros. Beat them by using your skills!

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