Now then, let me get this out of the way: I don't care if you hate the 4kids dub of the Kirby anime with a passion or if you find the Japanese dub with subtitles superior. People will have their different opinions. The reason for writing this blog is simple: trying to locate a copy of the two lost Kirby episodes, Episode 86 "Shell-Shocked" and Episode 88 "A Chow Challenge". Currently, on Friday March 27th, 2015, every other single episode of Kirby Right Back At Ya'! is availbe somewhere on the internet. Whether it be in the form of YouTube videos, MEGA Upload links or download torrents, Episodes 1-101 (Plus the pilot) is availble for the viewing public in both its Japanese dub and English dub. All but 2 episodes remain offline, unviewable to loyal KRBY fans. I personally LOVE this anime with all my heart. It was funny, had unforgettable characters, and it had Kirby as the main character! And I have to say, I cannot STAND the fact all episodes were dub yet two of them have will slip through my viewing pleasure as I watch my favorite anime of all time! I know many others who are also exactly like me, wanting to complete this entire series.

So I ask you, the many editors and members of Kirby Wiki, please aide me in my quest to locate these episodes. Those of you who recorded 4kidsTV on Saturday mornings, search through your belongings and dust off those vhs from yonger days. If you know others who recorded 4kids when younger, ask them for their tapes to scour for these two specific episodes. Thos that have neither but still want to help can search through the many different forums availble online for prerecorded VHS tapes from these times to find Kirby Right Back At Ya! and asking about these episodes in general. Come on people, out of the 320,587,493 population within the US, there's bound to be someone that have these episodes on some form of documentation! So please, please find it in your hearts to help locating these remaining episodes; if all of us work together, the search for these will be much more efficient than one person alone! If you have any leads or have the episode on tape but unsure how to rip it for the public, leave me a message or comment down below! Good luck, and I hope we find these episodes soon... 

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