Thank you so much for coming! Now we've got 4 more battles heading your way! Let me remind you of our past winners: Kracko Jr., knocking the batteries out of Mr. Tick Tock. Escargoon, defeating Zeke with his raw skill. Chef Kawasaki, frying up Sparky and serving him on the menu, and Marx, slicing up the Dragoon. Now, here we go!

Battle 1


NOVA vs. Paint Roller

This is your standard David and Goliath match. NOVA is a large, clockwork, mechanical, wish-granting entity that was so powerful, Kirby had to take him down with his starship! Paint Roller is less powerful, but he's definitely trickier -- and a much smaller target. Will NOVA demolish Paint Roller, or will Paint Roller paint splatter NOVA?



Score: NOVA: 1, Paint Roller: 5

What a surprising match! NOVA, the giant entity, fell to someone as weak and small as Paint Roller! However, Paint Roller has what NOVA does not: A living brain. I guess the theme of this match is that brains beats brawn, and Paint Roller was all brains and NOVA was all brawn. As such, Paint Roller is the winner! (It's just too bad who he's up against next...)

Battle 2


02 vs. Squashini

This match sees a battle between two powerful magicians. One is the dark entity of 02, the world's most disturbing Kirby boss. People of today STILL wonder why Kirby 64 was given an "E" rating by the ESRB although it had blood -- and all the blood came from the fight with 02. Up against him is a less powerful magician from Kirby's Epic Yarn, who rules a Slot-machine like system -- and it's dangerous as heck! Will 02 disturb Squashini, or will Squashini take away bits of 02 bit-by-bit?


Winner: 02!

Score: 02: 4, Squashini: 1

Battle 2 saw a much greater match than battle 1, but man, was it awesome! These two magicians fought, brawled and scrapped for hours. However, nothing could beat 02's mystical powers. After two weeks, 02 made Squashini hit the showers. The most disturbing Kirby villain advances while Squashini goes back into the Yarn World.

Battle 3


Burnin' Leo vs. TAC

Battle 3 is slightly lower-key, with two Kirby Super Star Ultra favorites against each other. TAC is a mysterious cat thief who steals abilities and other materials. He can also make himself invisible and invincible! Burnin' Leo is the blazing menace that can light fuses and melt metal, and he's even barbecued Kirby a number of times! Will TAC steal Burnin' Leo's flames, or will Burnin' Leo engulf TAC in flames?


Winner: TAC!

Score: Burnin' Leo: 1, TAC: 4

This battle was a battle between two Super Stars. It was Burnin' Leo's flames against TAC's stealth. When Burnin' Leo looked for TAC, he was nowhere in sight. Just when Burnin' Leo gave up, TAC sneaked up behind him and beat him up from behind. TAC advances and has his eyes set on Knuckle Joe in Round 2.

Battle 4

Knuckle Joe

Knuckle Joe vs. Fofa

Battle 4 is slightly higher-key than Battle 3, but still not as high-key as the first two battles. Knuckle Joe, Kirby's ally and enemy, is up against the infamous Demon Beast, Fofa. Fofa is considered useless by King DeDeDe, while Knuckle Joe is a great ally to Kirby. We all think Knuckle Joe has the upper hand here, but Fofa just might outmatch Knuckle Joe.



Score: Knuckle Joe: 5, Fofa: 0

The biggest blowout of the tournament so far! Even worse than all the others, like Marx vs. Dragoon and 02 vs. Squashini! Fofa got obliterated by Knuckle Joe's punches, and now Fofa has been destroyed and it was not a surprise how quickly Knuckle Joe took him down. Knuckle Joe will fight against TAC in Round 2, and then it will go on from there.