Thank you all so much for voting last time! We had some good match-ups last match! To recap, the results from last time: Dark Matter sucking Gobbler through a portal, Dyna Blade crash-landing Bombar, Meta Knight slicing right through Moley, and Wiz "magic-tricking" Fangora. Now, for the next battles!

Battle 1

Angie vs. Kracko

KEY AngieCrop

This match is probably going to be another "Blowout." Kracko, the famous Kirby boss, is up against the not-so-famous angel from Kirby's Epic Yarn, Angie! These two warriors are supreme in the air, but only Kracko possesses fighting ability! However, Angie could surprise Kracko... Who will rule the skies?


Winner: KRACKO!

Results: Angie, 0. Kracko, 5.

This battle in the skies was proven to be dominated by the evil one-eyed cloud. The Yarn Angel was not strong enough to take down the mighty nimbus, and now Kracko joins Knuckle Joe, Dark Matter, and Meta Knight as contestants to win without their opponents getting votes.

Battle 2

Captain Vul vs. Capsule J2


How the HECK did this happen?! Another sky battle after another, huh? Well, it's basically Captain Vul's piloting versus Capsule J2's fight skill. Both of these guys have served the great Meta Knight in the past (Who, actually, just won a battle against Moley in the last round). Well, now, Captain Vul's got another challenger, and Capsule J2 is a bomb ready to explode... will Captain Vul blow up Capsule J2, or will Capsule J2 blow up and Captain Vul?


Winner: CAPSULE J2!

Results: Captain Vul, 2. Capsule J2, 3.

Captain Vul was piloting the Halberd when he realized that a certain Capsule J2 had gone loose. He searched the skies looking all around for it, until that missing Capsule J2 came skyrocketing into the Halberd. The Halberd blew up with Captain Vul inside of it, but Capsule J2 walked away unscathed and moves on to Round 2.

Battle 3

Blipper vs. Galacta Knight

Galacta Knight erscheint

...Wow. Just... wow. This isn't even a match. Galacta Knight will probably make sushi out of Blipper, but who knows? Will Galacta Knight slice up Blipper, or will Blipper somehow overcome Galacta Knight?



Results: Blipper, 2. Galacta Knight, 3.

Who knew this would happen? Blipper was actually close to winning! Galacta Knight couldn't find Blipper for days because he was in the water, but Blipper pulled a bad move and jumped out. It only took him a second, but a second was all Galacta Knight needed to chop him up. Galacta Knight is enjoying his sushi and is looking forward to facing Masher in round 2.

Battle 4

Masher vs. Heavy Mole


This is a battle between two very similar combatants. Both are heavily armored, have spiky balls as weapons, are formidable opponents to Kirby, and gave Kirby a run for his money! Will Masher pound Heavy Mole, or will Heavy Mole drill into Masher?


Winner: MASHER!

Results: Masher, 4. Heavy Mole, 1.

These two titans met each other in an arena. Heavy Mole started by trying to drill into Masher, but Masher's armor was too powerful. Masher scrapped Heavy Mole after that and left him in pieces. Masher moves on to round 2.

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